Dating ain’t easy

The life of a millennial definitely isn’t easy. Already dealing with debilitating debt, a crumbling infrastructure and difficulty finding quality work, our generation also wants to find love.

Now, I know some reading this expected a post about sports but I told you I’d be writing about anything and everything that’s on my mind.

Writing about dating and finding a partner isn’t an easy topic for me. Up until last April I didn’t think I’d have to worry about any of this ever again.

To give a little insight, I was in a relationship for almost three years. After two years, and plenty of discussions, I popped the question. Less than a year later, things took a turn, the engagement and relationship were called off.

(Before you get any wrong ideas, this won’t be me pouring my heart out in some Drake fashion.)

So here I am, a year later and ready to get back into the dating scene. And, yes that is as weird typing as it is reading. Anyways, I’ve had friends telling me to try dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. The idea of finding someone off those is odd. I’m sure there’s plenty of great people using these apps, but how do you discern who is genuine and who is putting up a front. You can be anyone you want online and chances of that relaying into real life can be slim.

As odd and difficult as that can be, meeting and approaching someone out in public isn’t any easier.

I go to the gym, grocery store and everywhere else people go, but I go with a purpose. I get in, get out and try not to socialize too much. Maybe that’s my fault, but approaching a complete stranger and “flirting” has never been easy for me. Could be a self-esteem thing or could be I’m just uncomfortable flirting, likely the latter. Whatever it may be, it’s never been easy.

It’s harder now. People rely on apps to meet someone, it’s all about “sliding into DMs”, and it makes one wonder if real connections are no longer valued. It’s not just millennials going through this. Singles of all ages are searching for “the one” and using any dating app or site to do so.

Meeting someone, dating them and hoping it turns into something special has never and will never be easy. But, are we making it harder on ourselves by looking in thousands of places? Is it easier this way or has it made us numb to actual emotion?

Swiping left or right gives the impression that there’s always something better. If that’s how we pick who we want to pursue, is that how we imagine love? That you always need to be on the lookout for what’s better and not enjoying what’s in front of you?

These are all questions and thoughts that run through my mind now that I’m ready to date again. It’s a journey for sure and, like everything else in life, we’ll see how it ends up.


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