5-8 years of experience, masters degree all for an internship…sounds legit

Title catch your eye?

I bet it did. Many of us know the struggles of looking for work. It’s a full-time job in itself and that can become an issue. You can spend all day applying to maybe five or more jobs and never hear back from any of them. That can be hard to deal with, I would know.

For the past two years, I’ve had several different positions ranging from freelance work to contract work. All came with a promise of fulfilling career aspirations that I have, but all fell short in some way. And, when they ended I was back on the job hunt and feeling the stress of being unemployed.

What makes finding a job harder is the insane requirements some companies list for even entry level positions. College degrees have become mandatory, which makes sense, but having two plus years of experience is asinine. Expecting a workforce, mostly full of new college grads, to have multiple years of experience in their field is not realistic.

There are other issues there as well. Entry level positions aren’t just for people looking to get a start in their fields anymore. You have people making switches late in their careers and starting fresh, there are hundreds vying for one position and chances are you don’t know the right people.

What I mean by that last one is knowing people within the company can make it much easier to be hired. Having an advocate push your resume and talents can help immensely. The next best thing can be working with recruiters.

But, that’s also tricky. Most recruiting/talent agencies can help getting your foot in the door at one of your dream companies, but will likely be in a contract role. Contract roles can be great, but it may not always lead to something permanent.

Then there’s the dilemma of settling for work outside your field. This is an issue I’ve personally dealt with. There will always be family or friends willing to help and offer positions that have nothing to do with your career aspirations. You appreciate the help, but the idea of pushing aside all the work you’ve done can be frightening.

I’ve come to realize that at a certain point, usually when you realize being an adult is expensive, that there comes a time when one needs to swallow their pride and take any job to earn a living.

I’ve also realized that there’s more to life than working for other people and taking a risk on myself is worth more than anything a company could offer.



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