Sometimes things are said that can change relationships. Maybe for the good, maybe for the bad. It all depends on how one takes it.

Things that are said can be avoided, but it can be underlying emotions and feelings just festering. Building up and needing to be released. It may not always make the most sense and it getting out could cause anger and hurt. But, once it’s out those feelings may lead to something stronger. If not, then the relationship may not have been as strong as once believed.

Now, there’s two ways to bounce back from this. One, wallow in pity and doubt. Two, understand that things need to be worked on and work on them. Grow, focus, and make things happen in a positive way.

The first option is always the easiest one to take and, to be honest, one I’ve relied upon before. This time I crossed a boundary and need to understand why I’ve done the things I’ve done.

I’m at an age where I’ve done more than others and have enough life experience to make smarter decisions. Regardless of what the outcome may be, I actually need to learn and continue to better myself.


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